CUTLER & GROSS // It’s in the details


Graham Cutler once said“My idea of ​​design is a bit dated. It should be practical, functional, and then look good, in that order.

For more than half a century, this idea has stayed pretty much the same. Our frames speak for themselves, whether through their ingenious design, craftsmanship or cleverly applied details. Here, the brand’s creative director expands on some of the key details in his current collection that make each Cutler & Gross frame so very special.


Oyster Pins

“The Oyster Pin is the most distinctive rivet we have right now, no one else has it. It was found in our archive and I had to retrieve it and give it proper visibility in the collection. In terms of aesthetics and functionality, it was the perfect item for us. Along with other details, like the 8-point star rivet on the compass, the Oyster brooch will be an icon for Cutler and Gross.”


Decorative Core Wire

“The Deco Core Wire is a tribute to New York, a city I called home for many years. The design references the Chrysler Building, an icon of Art Deco architecture. Symmetry, intricate line art, and layered shapes lent themselves perfectly to become an integral part of our frames. This detail really stands out when displayed in our translucent acetate frames.


Fender Temple Ends

“With Fender Temple, we tried to distill the history of the brand and our strong ties to the music industry into something tangible. It was a very literal three-diMensional interpretation of the music’s influence on Cutler and Gross, and vice versa.

If these stylish features have piqued your interest, check out the complete 2022 collection ofCutler & Disgusting here. The mark is also available inPLEASEwith many more exclusive models.

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