Götti Switzerland buffalo horn: launch of new structural designs


Two new styles in the Götti Natural Horn Collection are bold and elegant, with an attractive hand-polished shine

Launched for November, the new Bautista and Bloom styles are the latest natural horn additions from the Swiss eyewear brand, specialists in the production of high-quality eyewear in natural, 3D-printed materials, titanium and acetate. With sculpted structures that are thick and bold, the frames are instantly recognizable as natural horn designs, featuring unique colors and patterns typical of traditional eyewear material.Above: the Baptist model in buffalo horn – Götti Switzerland

Bloom on natural buffalo horn:Götti Switzerland

The finish of the material is enhanced by hand polishing to leave a subtle shimmering finish that is sophisticated with Classic styling.

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Götti’s buffalo horn frames are a traditional feature of the company’s collections, and have come to be recognized for their particular elegance and refinement by marrying carefully sourced buffalo horn (ethically sourced from domestic animals) and the expertise of the artisans who work to emphasize the natural qualities. of the precious horn material, elaborated with great care, to make the mounts. Find the styles

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