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An electrifying cat-eye frame with its gaze cast to the stars: REvoIR employs the latest advances in Optical technology to chronicle the new face of space exploration.

The dream of piercing the horizon is as old as mankind itself, woven deeply into mythology from Icarus to Helios. REVOIR pays tribute to this tradition with a unique bridgeless cat-eye frame that spans the brow to resemble wings extended in Flight. The extruded titanium frame is machine stamped under great pressure to achieve its sculptural beauty; Dita‘s unique lens mounting process enables this exoskeleton to cradle 2-base lenses forged in the shape of sails — a detail inspired by the solar sails that will propel a new generation of explorers to the furthest expanses of our galaxy.

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Weight 100.00 kg

Rose Gold/Silver, Black/Yellow Gold, White Gold

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