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An experimental version of Dita’s Flight-Series frames, the Symeta Type-403 gives new diMension to the Classic aviator, offering Dita’s first 8-base wraparound lens in over a decade.

DESIGN THAT FINDS BEAUTY IN PURPOSE: The Symeta Type-403 draws construction details from DITA’s iconic Midnight Special, fused with the Flight-Series for a distinct yet wearable design language.

CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT CELEBRATES THE UNSEEN: A bold 5.5mm thick titanium lens rim was precision sculpted and stamped to conform to an 8 base wrap-around lens, a technically challenging process for such a thick material volume.

CULTURE THAT TRANSCENDS CONVENTION: Inspired by experimental aviation, this 8-base aviator frame gives a futuristic wrap-around lens style to a Classic shape.

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Weight 100.00 kg

Black Palladium, White Gold/Black, Black Iron/Yellow Gold

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